Beautier Mixed Length Clover Lash C-Curl 0.15


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Have you heard of “flat lashes”? Compared to normal extensions, the structure of the base is flat instead of round.

The limitation of “flat lashes” is that one can only attach the extension from below or above the natural eyelash.
In addition, the shiny surface may give an artificial look. 

Mixed lengths are 8mm-13mm.

Prime Impact (Clover) Lash – Beautier’s new invention.

Prime Impact Lash, got it´s nickname “Clover lash” as the structure of the base looks like a clover. This structure has a few advantages:

·         They weigh less than a normal (round/flat) extension
·         They can sit on any surface
·         The concave surfaces of the extension bonds easily with the natural eyelash, as the surface area of attachment is greater
·         The extension can easily be attached from any direction

This is the new generation of Eyelash Extensions