If you require one on one* or in house Training please contact Lashworx for alternative dates to suit you.

*One on one training will incur an extra cost to cover travel and accommodation if needed.

There will now be additional safety procedures in place to protect students, models and trainers.

Self distancing will be practiced during training between trainees.  Models must come from your extended bubble as we will no longer be providing them.  Class numbers will be small to accommodate these necessary provisions.

Gloves and masks will be worn at all times by all participants.  All persons will agree to follow any health guidelines required.


CLASSIC EYELASH EXTENSION – 2 Day Course – $1800 Inclusive of Kit

For Beginners

Napier                             28th & 29th November 2020

Palmerston North      21st & 22nd November 2020

Whanganui                   8th & 9th November 2020

Hamilton                       14th & 15th Nov 2020, 5th & 6th Dec 2020.

Auckland                        14th & 15th November 2020

Tokoroa                          7th & 8th November 2020

Christchurch                 5th & 6th December 2020

Wellington                    Enquire for dates

New Plymouth            10th & 11th November 2020

Dunedin                           25th & 26th October 2020,

                                            15th & 16th November 2020

Masterton                      Enquire for dates

RUSSIAN VOLUME – 1 Day Course – $950 Inclusive of Kit

Prefer to have completed Classic Lash Training first

Napier                            Enquire for dates

Palmerston North     Enquire for dates

Whanganui                  Enquire for dates

Hamilton                      Enquire for dates

Auckland                       13th November 2020

Christchurch                4th December 2020

New Plymouth            Enquire for dates

Wellington                    31st October 2020

Dunedin                         8th November 2020, 6th December 2020

Masterton                      Enquire for dates


Christchurch               FOX Henna Brow  9am-12pm  – 7th December 2020

                                           Lash Lift  12:30pm-3pm – 7th December 2020

Hamilton                       Lash Lift  11:30am – 30th October 2020

Wellington                    FOX Henna 9am-12pm –      2nd November 2020

                                           Lash Lift  12:30pm-3pm –   2nd November 2020

Auckland                       FOX Henna 9am-12pm –      16th November 2020

                                           Lash Lift  12:30pm-3pm –   16th November 2020

New Plymouth           FOX Henna 9am-12pm  –   12th November 2020

                                          Lash Lift  12:30-3pm     –     

Napier                           FOX Henna 9am-12pm  –    27th November 2020

                                         Lash Lift  12:30-3pm     –      27th November 2020

Palmerston North  FOX Henna 9am-12pm  –   19th November 2020

                                        Lash Lift  12:30-3pm     –      19th November 2020

Whanganui               FOX Henna 9am-12pm –      7th November 2020

                                        Lash Lift  12:30pm-3pm –   7th November 2020

Masterton                  FOX Henna 9am-12pm –      27th October 2020

                                        Lash Lift  12:30pm-3pm –   27th October 2020


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