Classic Lashes

Lash Artists need to be able to create the design and look the client wants.  LashWorx training is focused around inspiring different styles and textures using a selection of products to create the desired look.

Classes are small (a maximum of 4 people), which means you get invaluable one to one time with your tutor.  Our techniques are clear and concise and each individual student will come away feeling more confident and prepared for a career in eyelash extensions.

LashWorx courses are driven to only produce the most highly skilled technicians. Learning doesn’t finish with the end of the course.

To receive LashWorx certification, students are expected to complete 4 case studies of practical and theory work after completion of the course. They will also need to come back to the trainer for a practical exam.

This method ensures that technicians receive the support that they need as they begin to build their skills after completing the course. It takes time for a technician to become a master in their craft.

LashWorx courses are designed for those who are committed and have a drive to succeed and are approved by Lash Inc.


After completing the training YOU WILL RECEIVE:

  • 20% DISCOUNT coupon for an order of  LashWorx products online.*
  • *(not including Glamcor lighting or training)

Contents of the Course:

  1. Tools
  • Introduction to the different tools used and proper handling
  • Introduction to different eyelash products
  • Proper use of glue (to avoid allergic reactions)
  • Introduction to different eyelashes (curves, thicknesses and length)
  1. Preparation
  • Patch tests and client consultation
  • Workstation preparation
  • Working with different eye shapes and bone structure
  • Client consultation
  • Selecting the right type of lash set and size
  1. Application Techniques
  • Understanding and handling different lashes
  • Attaching lashes. Lashing Gold Rules
  • Removing eyelashes
  • Eyelash Care
  1. Marketing and Business Tools
  • How to take professional photos of eyelashes
  • Building a professional portfolio
  • Marketing your business

How long is the Course

The course is two days from 9am to 3.30pm both days and is broken up into sections.

First day you have theory, health and safety. Followed by application and practice on a live model. We then break for a 1/2 hour lunch and then continue on the live model for the afternoon.

On the second day you will require two models first model 9-12 second model 12.30 – 3.30pm.

Please note you will need to bring a live model to practice on during the times of 9am to 3pm. LashWorx will not provide models for foundation courses.  If you are unable to bring a model, Lashworx can help you find one but you must give at least a weeks notice.

After the two days are completed you will need to send in four case studies – one at a time and wait for feedback so that any issues you may be having can be ironed out.  If you require refresher training, this can be organised free of charge to help you be your best.

LASHWORX Basic Kit ($550)

1 x ST15 Curved Forceps

1 x LashWorx 45 Degree Tweezer

1 x Crystal Stone

1 x Silicon Pad

1 x Mega x Adhesive

1 x Primer

1 x Micropore Tape

1 x Scissors

1 x Lash Brush

1 x Puffer

1 x Adhesive remover

1 x (Pack 100) Microbrushes

2 x (Pack 5) Lint Free Eye Pads

x1 5Pk Saline

x1 Lash & Brow Foaming Cleanser

x1 Lash Cleanser brush

1 Lash Tile

x1 Full Colour Manual

x1 Workbook


1 x 8 x .15mm C Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 9 x .15mm C Curl Lashes (1gm)
1x 10 x .15mm C Curl Lashes (1gm)
1x 11 x .15mm C Curl Lashes (1gm)
1x 12 x .15mm C Curl Lashes (1gm)

1 x 13 x .15 C Curl Lashes (1gm)

1x Tray C Curl Mixed Flat Lashes

 LASHWORX Professional Kit ($750)

1x Tweezer Straight
1x Tweezer Curved
1x Crystal Stone
1x Silicone Pad
1x Premium Adhesive
1x Primer
1x Micropore Tape
1x Scissors
1x Lash Brush
1x Puffer
1x Adhesive Remover
1x pack 100 Microbrushes
4x Pk 5 Lint free Eyepads


1 x 8 x .15 C Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 9 x .15 C Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 10 x .15 C Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 11 x .15 C Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 12 x .15 C Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 13 x .15 C Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 7 x .15 B Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 8 x .15 B Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 9 x .15 B Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 10 x .15 B Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 11 x .15 B Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 12 x .15 B Curl Lashes (1gm)
1 x 13 x .15 B Curl Lashes (1gm)

1x .12  Mixed Lash Tray

1x Premade Fan Lash Tray

1x C Curl Flat .15 Mixed Tray

1x  C Curl Flat .15 10mm Tray

1x C Curl Flat .15 11mm Tray

1x C Curl Flat .15 12mm Tray

1x L Curl .15 Mixed Tray

BOOK TRAINING (w/Basic Kit)   BOOK TRAINING (w/Professional Kit)