Henna Brows

Have you been hearing about Henna Brows and wondering what it is all about?

Do you have clients with:

  • Missing hair?
  • Hard to shape brows?  
  • Hair that grows in totally the wrong place?  
  • How about curly hairs?  
  • Thick coarse hair?
  • Baby fine hair?
  • Grey or white hairs that JUST WON’T HOLD THE TINT!!!

Our Brow Henna is 99.5% natural & is only mixed with water – no other products are needed to use it.

During this short course you will be introduced to how to best work with the Brow Henna, how to choose colours, how to custom blend colours, trouble shooting and contraindications. We will also be going over basic shaping to create the best brows for your client.

This is a look and learn class and there will be time for you to work on each other at the end of the day if you want to personally experience henna brows.

The course is for three hours and  includes four henna colours, 100 x new Consumer DL flyers, Salon Poster, microswabs, angled brow brush, flocked lipgloss applicators, sterile water, micro swabs, disposable mascara wands, our brow tweezer, cleanser, full colour manual and certificate.

This short course is hands on and you will need a model.  We will be working together to create the best Brows for your client.

Cost is $620, includes a kit worth $420, manual, and certificate.

The fine print: A deposit of $250 is required to hold your place, this can be transferred to another course as long as you provide 7 days notice that you can not attend.  Course must be paid in full no less than 7 days before.