Q & A

General Questions about Eyelash Extensions

Is the application process painful?

No, the lash extension process is very relaxing; in fact, clients often fall asleep during their appointment.

How long does it take?

An appointment will take approximately one and a half hours for an average set.

Can I choose the effect I want?

At your initial consultation we discuss how you would like your lashes to look. This covers the type of curl, the length, and width of your lash. Your look is specially designed to suit you, and give you the desired effect you want.

It is common for us to use different lengths for the shape of your eye and the look you want to achieve.

My eyes are sensitive; Can I still have Eyelash extensions?

Yes, Lash Worx has products that are specially developed for people with sensitive eyes. Eyelash Extensions are applied to the lashes only and should not come into contact with your eyelids; because of this it is not common to have an unfavourable reaction.

Many people who use contact lenses have eye extensions to avoid the irritation of wearing mascara.

Can I get my lashes tinted before applying Eyelash extensions?

We don’t recommend eye lash tinting prior to lash extensions. With some people it can create a coating on the lash that may affect the bond of the lash extension to your lash.

How long will semi-permanent lash extensions last?

When lash extensions are properly applied and maintained, they can last between 4 to 6 weeks.

Please note that:

  • You naturally shed your own lashes in what is called a replenishing cycle every 45 to 60 days. When a natural lash is shed, a new lash is already growing to replace the old one. You don’t normally notice this process happening with natural lashes, but when you have extensions, you may see a fallen lash a lot easier with the extension still attached.
  • With an individual’s lifestyle, the longevity of the lash extensions may vary. Avoid rubbing your eyes as this will have great impact on the bond of the lash in the warmer summer months.

Do Eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

If you are using someone who is inexperienced and not a Certified Lash Artist then damage can occur if they use lashes that are too heavy for your own lashes and have excessive amounts of adhesive. You should never pull at your own lashes as this can cause damage as well. With the correct application, semi-permanent eyelash extensions should not damage natural lashes.

Do they feel different to my own lashes?

You should not feel the weight of your new lashes if properly applied. They should feel comfortable to wear.

Care and Maintenance

What do I need to do to look after my new lashes?

Avoid contact with water or even moisture, spa pools, and swimming for the first 48 hours. It is extremely important as the glue needs to set thoroughly. After this time the extensions will be bonded. You must avoid oil based products on or near your eyes.

How often should I get them reapplied?

Most clients have a new set redone every four weeks, this keeps them looking new without having wobbly lashes and those that have grown out a lot affect the look of your lashes.

It is possible to have them re touched every two or three weeks as well, talk with your stylist about this option.

Can I apply mascara to my extensions?

Mascara is not recommended. Lash Extensions allows you the luxury of not having to wear mascara.

The less you put on your lash extensions the better it is, as removing mascara can affect your new lashes.Use only non-water proof mascara on your new lashes, and remove gently with oil free eye makeup removers.

How do I remove the extensions?

If you do not get your lashes touched up, they will fall out gradually over 6 to 8 weeks. If you do wish to get them removed, you must get them removed by a professional. Do not attempt to pull them out yourself, as it will take your own lashes time to regrow.