Elite Masters Program

Lashworx is proud to introduce The Elite Masters Program

This program is for those who wish to excel in this industry and take their skills to the next level to be their absolute best.

You could be new to the industry or have been around for a while and decided to add these great treatments to your menu. The industry has changed so much in such a short time it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

This is our purpose – to train amazing Lash and Brow Artists.  We bring you these new courses and invite you to be part of our lash family online community to make it easier for you to up-skill and grow your business.

If you feel:

  • You need to revisit this treatment and get refreshed.
  • You are not happy with the product you are using at present.           
  • You want to get better results.
  • You are too busy to spend the day training out of town.
  • Your clients are asking you about these treatments.
  • You want to have support to work any issues through.

We are here for you.  Lets get started!


 This program is designed to assist you in mastering your Lash lift treatments, adding special techniques that will set you above your competition.

ONLINE TRAINING in Lash Lifts services are Ideal for clients who are unable to have eyelash extensions or wanting a more natural look. You will learn how to create the perfect lash lift in our easy to follow video. Our Course takes you step by step within our LASHWORX Academy, which allows you to view and review when you want to.

Lash Lifting is a great service. Give your client the gift of perfect lashes.

Outlines Lash Lift

  • Provides an overview of the tools and items that you will be using to perform the service
  • Detail of Lash Growth Cycles
  • Hygiene Health and Safety
  • Lash Lift Procedure
  • How to choose your shield size and correct timing
  • After Care essential must do’s

Included in this course:

24/7 access to your course. Learn in your own time

 Downloadable Manual

  •  Continued Support – refresher training when needed         
  • $ 440.00 (Online training plus Kit) Lash Lift 

When registering online a confirmation email will be sent to you, please add lashworx@gmail.co.nz to your email list as an approved sender.  You will have a new account created for the Online Academy. You can change your password in your Member Account area


Our Beginner Classic, Hybrid training is designed for new lash artists who want to excel in the art of lashing and be certified at an elite level.  Lashworx provides the most up-to-date eyelash extension training program in the industry.  While teaching you the how to of Classic lashing, we will also provide instructions on hybrid.   You will learn Classic lashing and Hybrid lashing using different lash types standard classic lashes, eclipse flat lashes, and premade fans.

 You will be taught the techniques, tips and tricks you need to know including up to date safe lashing guidelines and health and safety. Lashworx believes if you use quality products your results will be enhanced and will look better for longer equaling happy repeat clients.  You will continue to get new ideas and styles as they emerge in the industry as being part of our lash family online community.

You will require one model on the first day and two models on second day of the Course.  You will then be required to complete a theory paper and 4 case studies so that we can help you with any problems you may be having.  When you are ready you will sit a final practical exam for your Lashworx Certification as a lash artist.

The cost for the 2-day course is $1,950.00 and includes a kit worth $550.  Payment options Afterpay, Genoapay, and Payright are available.


One day training to advance your Classic skill base learning new techniques about getting the maximum dramatic effect that the client desires while staying in the safe lashing guidelines.  Using a new range of eclipse lashes, premades, and combination of lash types used together into your sets, to give density and texture to enhance your sets and maximize your returns. 

Creating Kim K design and an introduction to Russian and American Volume

The cost for the 1-day course is $980


Our Elite Master Volume eyelash extension course is designed for anyone who is already trained in Classic Eyelash Extensions.  If you are starting out in Volume Lashing or want to up-skill with new design and styling

2 Day – Master Volume Eyelash Extension Course Synopsis:

First day     We will focus on styling and how to combine what the clients wants with safe lashing techniques. Learn the different techniques in making fans using a selection of lash types, fanning, stacking, How different Tweezers work better with different lashes. You will create a volume set using .07 working with your choice of technique to create a full stylish set of lashes.

Second day We go more in depth and play with different styles. American Volume is known for its texture, which is perfect for safe lashing. The best part is they are gorgeous sets using spikes, or maybe you want to make them look fluffy flirty with .05, we will go over the Mega Volume techniques using .03 create beautiful Mega Volume lash sets using .03 and .05 Volume lashes creating 8D-16D fans. Two smart techniques will help you create fabulous Mega Volume lash sets.  Learn how Lash Mapping with Volume lashings makes it easier. Design and Style will set you apart in this industry.

First day one model is required from 12.30 -4pm Second day two models 9-12 & 12.30-3.30pm 

Cost for One day is $1050.00 Cost for two days is $1800.00