Proficiently perform Russian Volume – Learn a new technique using fine lashes to create a full look with a density not achievable with Classic Lashes.

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This one day course is designed for professional Classic Lash technicians already working in the industry who wish to up skill and add extra elements to their available services.

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Russian Volume - Lashworx Certification Program

1 day / $795.00 Including Volume Kit

Full day 9am to 4.30pm

One model needed – 1.30 to 4pm 

Lashworx Russian Volume course teaches the advanced technique of volume lashing which gives lash artists the ULTIMATE in lash fullness, and density. Opposed to classic lashing which is 1 lash extension per natural lash, volume lashing teaches the advanced technique of multi-lashing which uses 2-6 of the thinnest/finest lash extensions on each natural lash creating lash sets of 200-700 lashes per eye! Create breath-taking lash extensions with this advanced technique originating out of Russia. Be the first lash artist in your area to offer this break though lash technique that is still very new to the New Zealand Lash industry!

Our Volume Certification Program is ideal for:

  • Trained lash artists who have mastered the skills of classic applications and: lash direction, adhesive control, impeccable isolation, and extending difficult lashes. We recommend a minimum of 6 months classic lashing before registering for a Volume Eyelash Extension course.
  • Lash Artists wanting to take their eyelash education and skill level to a master level and offer breakthrough services to their clientele
  • Lash Artists wanting to boost their revenue potential with this sought after service new to the industry