Ultra Clear Adhesive


Ultra Clear is the same as the Ultra Super adhesive but it doesn’t contain the carbon black so it is better for sensitive eyes.

Keep in cool dry place.

Lashes last 4-5 weeks.

Only Certified Lash Artists can purchase this item

Remember the change of season and the heat we are having.
If the adhesive in the bottle is subjected to temperature of 28 degrees it will change the makeup of the glue and will not adhere or last.

If the glue becomes stringy then its gone off.
Don’t put the glue in the fridge once it has been opening as it can get condensation in the bottle with will kill the adhesive.
Keep it in a cooling bag out of any sun.
The room needs to be keep between 20 and 23 degrees and you need to check the humidity which with this glue works well 40 to 70 degrees below 30  it doesn’t adhere well and you need to add moisture to the room with a vapouriser or boil the kettle with the lid off.

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