Henna Spa Kit


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 Today, eyebrows are not only a trend that is gaining more and more momentum, but also great opportunities for the beauty industry masters.
Henna Spa gives you the opportunity to camouflage gaps in sparse eyebrows and spa care can achieve maximum results with staining, prolonging the effect of the procedure, as well as strengthening and taking care of your hair and skin.
7 simple steps to perfectly groomed eyebrows:
  1. Cleanse the skin and remove oil using the Henna Spa Cleanser
  2. Use the Henna Spa Exfoliant to remove any dead skin cells.
  3. Henna Spa Shampoo helps prepare hairs for coloring by opening scales.
  4. Mix the henna powder with a special Aqua Henna Spa mineral solution until creamy and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Apply henna to the prepared eyebrows by gently rubbing in and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Carefully remove the mixture with a damp cotton pad.
  7. Complete the treatment by applying a special fixative to prolong the effect of a tattoo on the skin.
The kit includes:
7 colors of henna (3 grams each):
  • 1) Arabica
  • 2) Truffle
  • 3) Cappuccino
  • 4) Brownie
  • 5) Lavazza
  • 6) Dark Chocolate
  • 7) Caramel
  • NOTE each 2.5gm bottle of Henna comes with a 5ml bottle of Aqua, disposable gloves and a plastic spatula.
Other items
  • 1) Eyebrow Shampoo – Deeply cleans eyebrow hairs, revealing hair scales for better color fixation.
  • 2) Exfoliant Gel – Removes dead skin cells from the skin and stimulates the production of new ones.
  • 3) Cleanser – Cleanser for cleansing and disinfecting the skin before Henna Spa henna staining of eyebrows.
  • 4) Colour Remover
  • 5) Anaesthetic Lotion – Helps reduce pain when plucking hair during correction.
  • 6) Fixative – It helps to fix the color on the skin to prolong the effect of tattoo.
  • 7) Eyebrow Regrowth Gel – Helps restore over plucked eyebrows.
  •  8) White pencil Henna Spa