Online Henna Spa Training

Henna Spa is a great alternative to brow tinting with no ammonia and no hydrogen peroxide needed to process the colour. The Henna Spa range has seven beautiful colours that lasts on hair for up to four weeks and offers a wonderful skin staining effect on the skin for up to a week or more depending on the condition of the skin and how well the brows are cared for after the treatment. Henna Spa is a complete treatment regime that begins with cleansing the brow area and exfoliating to remove any dead skin cells, a shampoo is then used to open the hair shaft and allow for long lasting colour deposits. The Henna is mixed to a smooth paste and applied to the brow area and allowed to process for up to 20 minutes – the longer the colour is left on for the longer the skin stain will last on the skin. Finally a fixative is applied over the brow area to help set and cure the colour and can be on-sold to your clients for home care to protect the brow stain effect. You will learn the 5 step process of Henna Spa plus – brow design, mapping, waxing, how to mix and blend colours all from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

The kit includes:7 colors of henna (3 grams each):

  • 1) Arabica
  • 2) Truffle
  • 3) Cappuccino
  • 4) Brownie
  • 5) Lavazza
  • 6) Dark Chocolate
  • 7) Caramel
  • NOTE each 3gm bottle of Henna comes with a 5ml bottle of Aqua, disposable gloves and a plastic spatula.

Other items

  • 1) Eyebrow Shampoo – Deeply cleans eyebrow hairs, revealing hair scales for better color fixation.
  • 2) Exfoliant Gel – Removes dead skin cells from the skin and stimulates the production of new ones.
  • 3) Cleanser – Cleanser for cleansing and disinfecting the skin before Henna Spa henna staining of eyebrows.
  • 4) Colour Remover
  • 5) Anaesthetic Lotion – Helps reduce pain when plucking hair during correction.
  • 6) Fixative – It helps to fix the color on the skin to prolong the effect of tattoo.
  • 7) Eyebrow Regrowth Gel – Helps restore over plucked eyebrows.
  •  8) White pencil Henna Spa
  • 1 x Microbrushes 100pk
  • 1 x Mascara Spoolies 50pk
  • 1 x Flocked applicators 50pk
  • 1 x Dappen Dish
  • 1 x Angle brush
  • 1 x Brow Tweezer 3pk
  • 1 x Foam Cleanser
  • 1 x Foam cleansing brush
  • 1 x Full colour manual